Intensive courses in theory and practice

For all learner drivers who want to get their driving licence as quickly as possible,
we offer intensive courses for theory and practice.

The costs do not differ from the normal driving lessons.

Many years of experience have shown
that the intensive courses in particular have had a very high success rate.
Intensive course
Intensive course theoretical,
all topics in one week!

Keine Intensivkurse
in 2022 geplant.
"We have passed our driving licence test ..
.. with the Fahrschule am Zoo!"

These happy learner drivers all have one thing in common:
They have all passed their motorcycle or car licence test successfully!

We congratulate them from our hearts
and say have a good trip all the way!

Driving School
Driving licence
quickly and inexpensively

Course materials in more than
30 languages
modern driving school cars
with air-conditioning

Training on automatic
is possible

all motorcycle classes
Driving instructor
solid and friendly

experienced team

driving lessons in English
and Russian also possible

Fahrschule am Zoo Frankfurt

Our driving school is centrally located near the Zeil and the Zoo in Frankfurt,
easy to get to by public transport.

We offer driving lessons in all car and motorcycle classes,
also, driving lessons in English and Russian.

The theory lessons are held exclusively in German.

Our driving school team, will prepare you for your driving licence exam with lots of patience.
We look forward to welcoming you soon at the Fahrschule am Zoo!

Markus Gründl,
Member of the Driving Instructor Association Hessen